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Trip to Alaska 2006
1964 Cutlass Project
Bruce and Bonnie
We are the Traveling Dunhams. The picture above was taken on the Alaska Highway in 2006.    The picture to the left was taken at Yellowstone National Park in 2008.  You can view more of our travel pictures and read our travel blog by clicking on the links above.  We were married in 1970 and spent part of our honeymoon camping in a tent.  We camped in the tent on our vacations until we bought a pickup camper in 1977.  By then we had two sons, Steve and Dan so we added a tent camper.  In 1980 we changed to a conversion van and we traveled in that for 17 years.  In 1997 we bought a 22 foot class C motorhome.  Steve and Dan graduated from MSU, got jobs, and moved to California in 1999.  Also in 1999 we traded the class C motorhome in on a 25 foot class A Challenger motorhome.  We traveled in the Challenger until February of 2011.   In February we found a 2001 29 foot Georgie Boy Landau while traveling in Florida.  That is our new home on wheels.